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I like baking, particularly cakes, and as every cake maker knows, you’re certain to have some cake batter or trimmings left over after you’re through. Although some individuals may discard these leftovers, I prefer to utilise them and save money in the process.

As a general rule, there are several methods to repurpose leftover cake batter and trimmings, including making other delectable sweets and breakfast delicacies. Unused cake batter and trimmings may be frozen for months and thawed in the fridge when ready to use.

What do you do with leftover cake batter if you don’t eat it? Cake batter may be used to make sweet desserts such as cakes or cupcakes. But, it may also be used to make a shake. Additionally, after the cake is gone, there are several other uses for it. Check out these 13 inventive uses for leftover cake batter that are guaranteed to inspire!

13 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Leftover Cake Batter and Trimmings:

  1. Bake It
  2. Freeze It
  3. Turn It Into Cookies
  4. Make Cake Pops
  5. Make Waffles
  6. Mix Into Brownies
  7. Make a Trifle
  8. Make a Shake
  9. Make Cake Shooters
  10. Add Onto Ice Cream
  11. Make Parfaits
  12. Make A Pie Crust
  13. Make an Icebox Cake

Just because you don’t want to bake the remaining cake batter doesn’t mean it’s useless. Anything that requires ingenuity is my favorite way to use up leftover cake batter. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for some great ways to use up leftover cake trimmings!

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1. Cook it

One of my favorite ways to utilize leftover cake batter is to bake it. If I have enough remaining batter or ingredients, I prefer to make another cake with my leftover batter.

If I’m preparing for a party or a family gathering, I could change the taste of this additional cake or add other toppings to give people another choice.

For instance, I may add some coffee to my leftover chocolate cake mixture to make a chocolate coffee cake.

If I don’t have enough leftover cake batter or ingredients to create another cake, I may bake the remaining batter into as many cupcakes as I can or make one huge cupcake.

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2. Put it in the freezer

Cake batter may be frozen for up to three months. When freezing cake batter, keep in mind that oil-based batters freeze better than cakes containing whipped eggs or cream, which alter texture when frozen.

I save any leftover cake batter in a freezer bag. To avoid creating a mess, I set the freezer bag in a bowl or cup (depending on how much batter I’m freezing), then wrap the corners of the bag over the lip of the cup or bowl to hold it open.

I’ve discovered that squeezing the batter into a freezer bag rather than pouring it makes less of a mess and leaves less batter behind!

If you’re freezing multiple types of flavored batter, mark the bags with which batter you’re freezing so you don’t have to guess when you take them out later.

When you’re ready to use your frozen batter, defrost it gently in the refrigerator rather than utilizing other techniques to speed up the thawing process, since this might adversely affect the batter.

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3. Make it into cookies.

I’ve made some great cookies using cake batter in the past. I’ve been able to produce a variety of cookies by just adding a few various kinds of mix-ins, such as double chocolate chip pecan cookies and strawberry coconut.

Keep in mind that various cake mixes and batters react differently. In my experience, certain cake mixes, particularly vanilla cake mixes, spread out more when I use the remaining batter to create cookies.

This concept captivated me so much that I developed a second essay about how to transform cake batter into cookies!

I have published an article that explains in detail How To Make Cookies From Cake Batter. It covers all you need to know about Creating Cookie Dough From Cake Batter! This article may be found here!

Cookies created with cake batter may remain soft for a long time, so keep them in an airtight container!

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4. Create Cake Pops

Cake pops are my go-to when I need to use up leftover cake trimmings since they are so simple to create. To create delicious cake pops, just combine leftover cake trimmings with your favorite frosting to keep the cake together.

Next, simply scoop out balls of cake using a cookie scoop or a spoon. If you’re making cake pops using a spoon, you’ll have to mold them into balls with your hands since a spoon won’t give you the same precise spherical form as cookie scoops would.

If you have leftover cake trimmings but no leftover frosting, omit the icing and instead drizzle melted chocolate or nut butter over the cake trimmings.

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5. Prepare Waffles

If you have a waffle maker, you may make good use of leftover cake batter by making waffles. To produce a perfect waffle, follow the directions on your waffle maker.

You can make waffles with leftover cake batter for a tasty but maybe not-so-healthy morning treat. Just pour your leftover cake batter onto a waffle iron and enjoy.

Then, just like a normal waffle, you may top your freshly cooked cake waffle!

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6. Combine in Brownies

Cake scraps may be put to good use by mixing them into brownie batter. To avoid the mixed in trimmings from being burned or dry when baking again in your brownies, coarsely crush the cake trimmings before incorporating them into your brownie mixture.

I prefer to include cake trimmings into brownie batter since it lends a distinct flavor and texture to the brownies that I’ve grown to love.

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7. Prepare A Trifle

Preparing a trifle is a terrific method to use up leftover cake trimmings and save waste since trifles seldom need a whole cake.

When I prepare a trifle with cake trimmings, I start with the cake, then the fruits of my choosing, and last the whipped cream. I keep stacking until I reach the top of my bowl, then wrap it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

8. Shake It Up

In under five minutes, you can make a shake out of leftover cake trimmings, milk, a blender, and your favorite ice cream.

To create a milkshake using leftover cake trimmings, just crumble your trimmings (frosting and all, if applicable) into a blender, followed by some milk and scoops of your favorite ice cream. Mix everything together and serve.

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9. Construct Cake Shooters

Cake shooters are a scaled-down variation of trifles. Cake shooters may be made using leftover cake trimmings, fruit, icing, or whip cream.

To create cake shooters out of leftover cake trimmings, just follow the trifle-making procedures above: Layer cake, your favorite fruit, and some icing into your container (in this instance shot glasses), and then enjoy your cake shooter, or little trifle as I like to call it.

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10. Serve with ice cream

Crumble leftover cake trimmings over ice cream for a tasty ice cream topping.

To utilize leftover cake trimmings as an ice cream topping, just crumble them over a bowl of ice cream and serve. For a wonderful ice cream sundae, I occasionally drizzle hot fudge and whipped cream on top of my ice cream before crumbling my garnishes on top.

11. Create Parfaits

Since you can create parfaits with a broad range of components, making parfaits is an excellent method to use up many various leftover items you may have in your pantry or kitchen, including leftover cake trimmings.

To begin your parfait, layer a mixture of pudding, yogurt, fruits, or ice cream on top of your cake trimmings.

Finally, top your parfait with your preferred toppings, such as chocolate chips, pecans, or walnuts.

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12. Prepare A Pie Crust

To construct a pie crust, use leftover cake crumbs instead of graham crackers. There is an additional step since you must firm the cake scrap crumbles, but the rest of the methods to build a pie crust using cake trimmings rather than graham crackers are similar.

Preheat the oven to 350°F before beginning to build a pie crust using leftover cake trimmings. Then, crumble your remaining cake and toast it in the oven until it is gently browned.

Keep an eye on your crumbles to make sure they aren’t overdone or browned.

After toasting your cake crumbs, combine them with melted butter and press the mixture evenly into a pie plate. Bake the crust for about 10 minutes in a preheated oven, looking attentively to ensure it is not overbaked.

Whenever possible, avoid opening your oven door to check on your crust since it changes the temperature of the oven. Since my oven runs hot, I prefer to start testing my pie crust around the 7-8 minute point.

After baking your empty pie crust, you may fill it with your favorite filling. While making your filling, bear in mind that your pie crust may be a bit sweeter than usual since you used cake instead of graham crackers, and adjust the amount of sugar you add to your filling appropriately.

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Create an Icebox Cake.

You may create an icebox cake, also known as a charlotte, using leftover cake trimmings instead of ladyfingers, wafers, graham crackers, or other cookies.

Despite the name, an icebox cake is not cooked, making it a fantastic summertime treat for when I don’t want to turn on the oven.

When I have leftovers from a variety of sweets, I normally create an icebox cake. When you realize you can create a delightful masterpiece out of leftover desserts, it really is a life saver as well as a food saver!

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In conclusion

There are several methods to make good use of leftover cake batter and trimmings that don’t need much more time or work. Several of the purposes mentioned above make use of things you probably already have on hand.

Although each of these recipes may be made with fresh cake trimmings and batter, they can also be made using stale trimmings and thawed or previously frozen batter. Remember to use frozen batter within three months after freezing and to defrost it carefully in the refrigerator before using!