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If you’re looking for a new air fryer, you’re in luck! I’ll be examining four of the greatest air fryers on the market right now in this blog article. I’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can make an educated choice before buying one. Continue reading to find out more.

We divided it into four major categories:

  • Best Overall
  • Best Budget
  • Best for Beginners
  • Best All-In-One

*Please see our Air Fryer Purchasing Guide and Questions below*

How to Choose the Best Air Fryer in 2022

While shopping for a product, you want to obtain the greatest deal possible for your money. Hence, here are some of the most important elements to consider while selecting an air fryer:


This is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing an air fryer. After all, you want to make sure it fits in your kitchen! Most air fryers stand between 12 and 16 inches tall, however some versions stand as tall as 18 inches. They typically measure 14 inches in width. Therefore be certain that you get a product that will fit comfortably in your kitchen.

The Technique of Air Frying

All air fryers are not made equal. Some use convection heating, while others employ infrared heating. Since there is no clear agreement on which is superior, it all boils down to personal choice. Before making your final selection, make sure you understand how each kind of air fryer works.


This is another important thing to consider when selecting an air fryer. After all, you must ensure that it is big enough to meet your requirements.

If you have a bigger family or a company, an air fryer with a capacity of at least six quarts is recommended. Four quarts should plenty for smaller families or homes.

Preparation Time

The amount of time spent cooking is crucial, but it is not necessarily the most significant component. After all, you can always program your air fryer. But, if you want to get things done as fast as possible, you should seek for an air fryer with a shorter cooking time.

Warming Options

Warm settings are not available on all air fryers, but they are a convenient option to have. Look for an air fryer that has the ability to keep your food warm after it has been fried.

Extra Benefits

Some air fryers have other functionality, such as the ability to bake or roast. Although they are not required characteristics, they might be useful. Look for an air fryer that has them if you believe you’ll use them. Search for an air fryer with all of the features you desire at a reasonable price.

The Heater Component

One of the most significant components of an air fryer is the heating element. That is, after all, what cooks the meal. Be certain that the air fryer you choose has a high-quality heating element. You can learn which air fryers have the greatest heating components by reading reviews online.


The material your air fryer is constructed of will influence its durability. The majority of air fryers are composed of stainless steel, which is quite sturdy. Choose an air fryer composed of high-quality materials.

Utilization Ease

You want an air fryer that is simple to use. After all, you don’t want to waste time trying to find out how to utilize it. Look for an air fryer that is simple to operate and comes with detailed instructions.


An air fryer’s temperature setting is a crucial function. After all, you want to be able to regulate the temperature of your meal. Search for an air fryer with a variety of temperature settings. You can cook anything you want at whatever temperature you want this way.


You don’t want to spend too much money on an air fryer. Yet, you do not want to get a cheap one that would fail after a few usage. Search for a product that is within your budget and provides excellent value for money. While attempting to establish value, customer reviews are usually useful.

The Guarantee

Lastly, before making a purchase, be sure to check the warranty. This is critical because it will safeguard you in the event that anything goes wrong with your air fryer. The majority of air fryers have a one-year guarantee, while others have a longer warranty. The greater the length of the guarantee, the better.

4 Best Air Fryers in 2022 | Buyers Guide

Overall winner:

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart 6-in-1 Cooking System Air Fryer with DualZone 2-Baskets

Important characteristics include:

  • 8-quart air fryer
  • Lets you cook two different meals in two different ways simultaneously
  • 6 versatile cooking programs: Air Broil, Air Fry, Roast, Reheat, Bake, and Dehydrate

The Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart Air Fryer is our overall best air fryer recommendation. This air fryer can serve a large family or a crowd, and it comes with two separate frying baskets.

This implies you may prepare two separate dishes in two different ways at the same time.

The Ninja DZ201 Air Fryer also offers six diverse cooking settings, allowing you to prepare almost anything. Air Broil, Air Fry, Roast, Reheat, Bake, and Dehydrate are among the programs available.

Its air fryer is also simple to clean and operate, thanks to its touch control panel.

  • Big enough to cook for a large family
  • Comes with two independent frying baskets
  • Six versatile cooking programs
  • Easy-to-clean and use
  • Touch control panel
  • Cons
  • Quite pricey
  • Verdict:

    The Ninja DZ201 Foodi Air Fryer is the perfect option if you have a big family or manage a company that demands you to cook for a large number of people. Although it is more costly than other air fryers on our list, its size and features make it worthwhile.

    Best Price:

    CHEFMAN 4.5 Quart Air Fryer

    Important characteristics include:

    • 4.5-quart air fryer
    • Made of nonstick stainless steel
    • Four cooking functions: Chicken, Meat, Fish, and French Fries
    • 60-minute timer
    • Dishwasher-safe basket
    • Temperature settings range from 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit

    The CHEFMAN Air Fryer is our top budget air fryer option. This air fryer is an excellent option for people seeking to save money without losing quality.

    The CHEFMAN Air Fryer includes a digital touch screen and is composed of nonstick stainless steel. It also has four cooking modes: chicken, meat, fish, and French fries, making it a diverse choice.

    Moreover, the CHEFMAN Air Fryer is BPA-free and comes with a 60-minute timer, allowing you to set it and forget it. The dishwasher-safe basket and ergonomic form make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

    Moreover, the temperature settings extend from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to choose the ideal temperature for whatever you’re cooking.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Made of nonstick stainless steel
  • Digital touch screen
  • Four cooking functions
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe basket
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Cons
  • The timer could be longer
  • Verdict:

    This is a high-quality, affordable, and adaptable air fryer. Want to save money on an air fryer while still obtaining a good one? Then the CHEFMAN Air Fryer is the ideal option.

    Best for Newcomers:

    COSORI Electric Fryer

    Important characteristics include:

    • 5.8-quart air fryer
    • Comes with a cookbook with up to 100 recipes
    • Has an NTC sensor that prevents temperature fluctuations
    • Up to 13 convenient cooking functions
    • Can cook for 3-5 people at once

    The COSORI Air Fryer is an excellent alternative for individuals who are new to using an air fryer or who want an easy-to-use air fryer.

    So you can get started right away, the Air Fryer comes with a booklet with up to 100 recipes. The one-touch screen is extremely straightforward to operate, and the nonstick substance makes it simple to clean.

    The COSORI Air Fryer also has a dishwasher-safe basket and an NTC sensor to avoid temperature variations.

    Moreover, it features up to 13 handy cooking capabilities and can cook for three to five people at the same time.

  • Comes with a cookbook with up to 100 recipes
  • One-touch screen
  • Nonstick material
  • Dishwasher-safe basket
  • 13 convenient cooking functions
  • Has multiple color choices
  • Cons
  • The design could be better
  • Verdict:

    This is an air fryer designed with the novice in mind. The COSORI Air Fryer comes with a cookbook, features a one-touch interface, and is nonstick. It is a low-cost device with features and quality that make it a decent option for individuals who are new to air frying.

    Best Multi-Purpose:

    Chefman Digital Multipurpose Air Fryer

    Important characteristics include:

    • Rapid cooking or baking
    • Large capacity: 10.5-quart air fryer
    • Does not require preheating
    • Stainless steel rotating basket, rotisserie spit, and forks
    • 3 airflow racks
    • Interior lighting so you can see the food as it cooks

    The Chefman Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer is an excellent alternative for people looking for a multifunctional air fryer.

    This multipurpose air fryer has up to 17 touch screen settings and functions as a rotisserie spit, dehydrator, and oven.

    The Chefman Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer also has a big capacity (ten quarts) and allows for quick cooking or baking. Also, no preheating is required for this air fryer.

    It includes revolving stainless steel baskets, rotisserie spits, and forks. It also has three ventilation racks and inside illumination to allow you to monitor the food as it cooks.

  • Comes with up to 17 touch screen presets
  • Multifunctional air fryer: it’s a rotisserie spit, dehydrator, and oven
  • Rapid cooking or baking
  • Large capacity: it’s a ten-quart air fryer
  • Does not require preheating
  • Cons
  • Some customers have complained about build quality
  • Verdict:

    The Chefman Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer is an excellent option if you want a flexible air fryer that can do it all. It features up to 17 touch screen settings, is a versatile air fryer, and allows for quick cooking or baking. Moreover, the enormous capacity is ideal for families or people who often entertain visitors.


    Are air fryers worthwhile to purchase?

    An air fryer is a terrific addition to any kitchen since it is a healthier alternative to deep-frying meals. Air fryers may also be used to cook a range of items, including chicken, fish, vegetables, and even desserts.

    What foods cannot be prepared in an air fryer?

    Although an air fryer can cook practically anything, there are a few items you should not cook in one, including:

    • Wet batter
    • Frozen food without preheating first
    • Foods that need to be braised or simmered (such as tough cuts of meat)
    • Cheese, etc.

    Is the Ninja air fryer superior than the quick air fryer?

    If you’re seeking for a more versatile air fryer, the Ninja Air Fryer could be a better option. But, if you’re searching for a more economical air fryer, the Quick Air Fryer could be a better option. Everything is determined by your requirements and preferences.

    Do air fryers use a lot of energy?

    Air fryers, in general, do not use a lot of power. Depending on the size and brand of your air fryer, it will use around the same amount of energy as a conventional lightbulb. Moreover, most air fryers include an automated shut-off mechanism that turns the air fryer off when not in use.

    Can raw meat be cooked in an air fryer?

    In general, you may cook raw meat in an air fryer as long as you follow the cooking guidelines for your specific air fryer. Moreover, to minimize cross-contamination, make sure your air fryer is clean before and after frying raw meat.

    Is it safe to use aluminum foil in an air fryer?

    As a general rule, you may use aluminum foil in an air fryer, but only in the air fryer basket and not directly on the heating element. Also, just use a minimal quantity of foil so that it does not obstruct the airflow of the air fryer.

    Can you cook two items at the same time in an air fryer?

    In general, you can cook many items at once in an air fryer. Some air fryers come with dual baskets, allowing you to cook two items at the same time. Moreover, some air fryers include a split basket design that enables you to cook two different foods at separate temperatures.

    Last Thoughts

    Air fryers are a terrific addition to any kitchen since they are a healthier alternative to deep frying. Consider our buyer’s guide and one of the goods we’ve evaluated today, and you won’t be disappointed.


    Which is best air fryer 2022?

    Best air fryer 2022 – presently available models
    Ninja AF100UK Air Fryer…. Instant Vortex Mini Air Fryer…. Instant Vortex Plus Dual Drawer Air Fryer…. Philips Essential Air Fryer…. Tower Vortex 5-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven…. Tefal YV970840 Air Fryer. COSORI Mini Air Fryer. Actifry Genius XL 2in1.
    Jan 24, 2023

    What is the best brand of air fryer to purchase?

    Best Air Fryer Selections
    Overall winner: Instant Vortex 6-Quart Air Fryer Combination.
    Another great option is the Quick Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer.
    Best Buy: Air Fryer Oven Combination Cosori Pro (unavailable)
    Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is the best air fryer toaster oven.
    Ninja Foodi DualZone Air Fryer is the best dual basket air fryer.
    Additional details…•March 3, 2023

    What is the safest and best air fryer?

    Quick Links: 5 Safest Air Fryers
    The Big Boss Air Fryer is the largest.
    Nutrichef Air Fryer, medium.
    PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer is one of several accessories available.
    hOmelabs 8-in-1 Air Fryer Oven is the most multifunctional.
    Oster Mini Countertop Oven with Air Fryer saves space.
    Aug 16, 2022

    What are the negatives of Airfryer?

    10 Drawbacks of Air Fryer
    Capacity is limited.
    Food is easily burned.
    Food dehydrates.
    Certain foods are ineffective.
    Cleaning is a challenge.
    More expensive.
    Learning is required.
    More to come…
    •Feb 2, 2023

    What air fryer is better than Ninja?

    Companies like Instant, Salter, Tower, and COSORI all offer excellent replacements for Ninja models, with our Head of Reviews and air fryer specialist Millie Fender even saying that brands like Instant should get the same attention as Ninja for air fryers.

    Which air fryers are being recalled?

    Among the recalled models are the 5.8-quart, 3.7-quart, and Smart 5.8-quart air fryers. In addition to the 2 million recalled Cosori air fryers sold in the United States, over 250,000 were sold in Canada and around 21,000 were sold in Mexico.

    Is there anything better than an air fryer?

    Customers are now praising halogen ovens as a “excellent” alternative to air fryers at a quarter of the cost.

    What is the best air fryer that does not smell?

    The Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer with ClearCook and OdorErase is the first of its type to nearly completely remove cooking aromas, but this is much more than a marketing ploy. The air fryer is fast, quiet, and includes a clear cooking door that allows you to easily watch your dishes.

    What are the pros and cons of buying an air fryer?

    The advantages and disadvantages of using an air fryer
    Simple to clean. As compared to deep fryers, cleaning an air fryer requires very less work.
    Simple to use. Lemon squeezy, lemon squeezy…
    It is safe to use…
    Meals that are healthier…
    It doesn’t take up much room.
    It’s fairly pricey….
    It’s too tiny for big families.
    Food should be burned and dried.
    More to come…

    How do I prevent acrylamide in my air fryer?

    Acrylamide levels may be lowered by avoiding cooking meals at excessively high temperatures for an extended period of time. When frying (including air frying), baking, toasting, or roasting food, consumers should strive for a golden yellow color or lighter.