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Chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures. I like using it in a variety of sweets and even treating myself and my husband to decadent chocolate breakfasts! The trouble is that you never know how much chocolate you’ll need in a recipe. As a consequence, I always have chocolate left over.

What Can You Do With Remaining Melted Chocolate?

As a general rule, there are several applications for melted chocolate. When using melted chocolate as a topping, it is normally necessary to temper it; however, if you want to use your remaining chocolate as a glaze or in baking, you do not need to temper it.

I’ve discovered that there are several use for leftover chocolate. I’ve discovered 20 fantastic uses for leftover chocolate! Some ways, however, need you to temper the chocolate beforehand, so keep reading to find out how!

20 Uses for Leftover Melted Chocolate:

  • Make Brownies
  • Make Melted Chocolate Cookies
  • Make Fondue
  • Make Chocolate Covered Fruit
  • Make Pancakes
  • Make Waffles
  • Use as a Glaze
  • Make Toffee
  • Make Truffles
  • Use as a Topping
  • Make Hot Chocolate
  • Add Into Coffee
  • Make Chocolate Covered Nuts
  • Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Make Chocolate Bark
  • Make Candy Bars
  • Make S’mores
  • Make Chocolate Lace
  • Make Chocolate Covered Bacon
  • Make Fudge

If you’ve melted chocolate to use and have any left over, there are several things you can do to quickly use up your leftover melted chocolate.

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1. Prepare Brownies

Brownies are without a doubt one of the greatest things you can create. There are centerpieces and corner pieces, they are wonderful, and they are chocolate! This meal may make use of leftover chocolate in two ways.

Add the melted chocolate to the brownie mixture and carefully fold it in without overmixing. You don’t have to leave out the cocoa powder. The use of both cocoa powder and melted chocolate results in gooey, delicious brownies.

The second usage for melted chocolate is to top fried brownies! This will result in a gorgeous chocolate coating that is both visually attractive and delicious!

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2. Prepare Chocolate Melted Cookies

To begin making these fudgy chocolate cookies, preheat your oven to 350F. (175C). Next, to the remaining melted chocolate, add four tablespoons (or half a stick) of melted unsalted butter.

It is possible that you may need to reheat the chocolate before adding the butter.

Then, combine 90 grams of flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder, and a pinch of salt in a mixing bowl.

Combine two eggs, 150 grams light brown sugar, and one teaspoon pure vanilla essence in a mixing bowl. Reduce the mixer speed to low and gradually add the melted chocolate and butter mixture.

Stir in the whisked flour mixture until just incorporated, then place the batter in the refrigerator to cool somewhat.

After the mixture has firmed up, spoon or cookie dough scoop heaps of batter onto a cookie sheet and bake for 9 to 12 minutes. The key to making these cookies taste and texture great is to slightly underbake them.

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3. Prepare Fondue

Chocolate fondue is ideal for parties, dating evenings, or just enjoying chocolate on your own!

Warm your melted chocolate until it returns to a liquid condition. Be careful you don’t burn it! Reheat the chocolate in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time. To prevent scorching, stir the chocolate after each interval.

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Another fast solution is to construct your own double-boiler setup. Just heat a pot of hot (not boiling) water over medium-low heat, lay a heat-safe dish on top, and add your chocolate. Stir often to break up clumps.

You might also use a Fondue Pot, which is specially designed to keep melted chocolate warm while enabling you to dip anything into it. I have discovered a fantastic Fondue Pot that comes with 6 Little Forks. This Fondue Pot is available on Amazon!

4. Construct Chocolate-Covered Fruit

This is the strategy I use the most. When I have extra melted chocolate, I dip whatever berries or fruit that I have! Strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, and the list goes on!

Just reheat the chocolate to liquid (if it has already set) and dip your fruits into it until evenly covered. Let the chocolate-covered fruit to solidify on a piece of parchment paper.

Enjoy your wonderful dessert or place it in a little box to give as a present to your loved ones after it has hardened!

5. Prepare Pancakes

Pancakes are a traditional breakfast item. Melted chocolate may liven things up in the morning! This may be used in three different ways!

One method is to include the melted chocolate straight into the pancake batter. This will result in luscious chocolate pancakes that are ideal with a dab of whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberries!

Another interesting method is to add the melted chocolate to the middle of your pancake batter while it is still in the pan. In other words, prepare your pancake batter as usual.

Pour a portion of the batter onto your hot pan or griddle. Fill the middle of the pancake with melted chocolate and top with an additional spoonful of pancake batter.

This causes the chocolate to melt straight into the pancake. As you cut it, there will be a beautiful flow of chocolate from the middle of your pancake!

The fourth method is to just use it as a pancake topping! I reheat my chocolate and drizzle it over my pancakes.

6. Prepare Waffles

Waffles are an excellent vehicle for melting chocolate. How? In two words: Waffles with chocolate.

I’ve cooked chocolate waffles many times. Just stir the melted chocolate into the waffle mixture before pouring it into the waffle maker.

If I want ordinary waffles, I skip the chocolate batter and simply use the melted chocolate as a topping on my waffles. Whenever I’m using melted chocolate as a topping, I always add fresh fruit to help offset the richness.

7. Apply as a glaze

You may use your leftover melted chocolate as a coating for numerous delicacies to make them more attractive!

I’ve topped cakes, pies, biscuits, and even ice cream with my melted chocolate! I like ice cream with melting chocolate!

One tip I have is to put your favorite ice cream in a dish, pour melted chocolate on top, then set the bowl in the freezer for 30 minutes.

As a consequence, your ice cream will have a delightful chocolate crust! It’s one of the finest ways to jazz up a boring dish of ice cream with texture and taste.

8. Prepare Toffee

Toffee is a quick and easy treat to prepare at home. Drizzling melted chocolate over top of your toffee will offer a lovely appearance as well as a touch of chocolate taste without overpowering the meal.

Spread chopped pecans and other chopped nuts onto a baking dish lined with parchment paper. Bring sugar, salt, and butter to a boil in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Frequent stirring is required.

Remove the sugar mixture from the fire when it reaches 290F (143C) to 300F (148C) and stir in the vanilla essence. Finally, drizzle the candy mixture over the chopped nuts.

Let the candy to cool before pouring the melted chocolate on top.

Next, put the toffee in the refrigerator to chill fully. To consume it, cut it into smaller pieces using a knife.

9. Create Truffles

You may take a more advanced approach by making truffles! We can rapidly create truffles with leftover melted chocolate in a variety of flavors.

Spoon the chocolate into the truffle molds, then pour the excess chocolate back into the bowl. This will cover the sides of your molds, forming a miniature cup or vessel to which you may add delectable contents! You may now add chopped nuts, peanut butter, cut pretzel bits, and a variety of other ingredients!

Pour extra chocolate into the old once you’ve inserted your filling. Put the tray in the refrigerator to set. After set, just remove your truffles and enjoy! You’ve made a beautiful and filling dessert!

10. Serve as a garnish

Chocolate, in any form, is an excellent topping. The possibilities with melted chocolate are limitless! Melted chocolate is my favorite ice cream topping (see #7 for a hidden technique on creating chocolate shells for ice cream!).

Melted chocolate may also be used as a topping for breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles, and porridge. You may use desserts as a topping or decoration for cupcakes, cookies, cakes, sweets, and much more!

I adore it when melted chocolate is used as a garnish. It adds flair to any dish and expresses respect for such a delicacy.

11) Prepare Hot Chocolate

One of the exciting aspects of chocolate is that it may be consumed not only as a solid meal, but also as a liquid! On a chilly winter day, drinking hot chocolate is a terrific way to warm yourself. It’s easy to prepare and wonderful!

In a saucepan, heat the milk until it is boiling hot, then add the melted chocolate!

When bubbles appear on the edges of the pan as you heat it, but the milk isn’t quite boiling, you know it’s hot and ready for the chocolate.

For an additional special flavor, add vanilla or peppermint extract to the hot chocolate! I also like to add a little of cinnamon and ginger to my homemade hot chocolate for a little more spice.

Top with whipped cream or marshmallows for a more comfortable experience.

12. Pour into a cup of coffee

Treat yourself to a delightful mocha-flavored coffee in the morning! Pour a teaspoon of melted chocolate, or more to taste, into a cup of coffee.

Stir until completely dissolved, then enjoy your delectable mocha coffee!

This works with any chocolate! I’ve prepared coffee with white chocolate and even black chocolate, all of which offer interesting tastes to my morning coffee.

13. Prepare Chocolate-Dipped Almonds

Chocolate-covered almonds are one of the greatest foods to eat. They provide you a delightful sweet and salty experience that is difficult to resist!

You may use whichever nuts you choose, from peanuts to almonds to macadamia nuts. Start by lining a tray with parchment paper and laying the nuts on it, whichever you like (or a variety if you prefer).

To add extra chocolate, sprinkle lightly with melted chocolate or pour straight on top.

Put the dish in the refrigerator to solidify the chocolate-covered nuts.

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14 Prepare Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels may be made in two ways. The first method is to line a dish with parchment paper and pour melted chocolate over pretzels. This is a fast and easy way to have your salty chocolate snack.

The second method is more for aesthetic reasons. Prepare a dish of melted chocolate and dip a pretzel halfway into it. As a consequence, the pretzel is only half-covered with chocolate, creating a lovely pattern.

Place the pretzels on parchment paper and place them in the refrigerator for an hour to harden.

If you don’t mind licking your fingers, dip the whole pretzel into the melted chocolate to get as much as possible on it. This is something I do because I like chocolate!

15. Create a Chocolate Bark

Wax paper should be used to line a baking dish or cookie sheet. Mix in a spoonful of shortening or vegetable oil with the heated melted chocolate.

Pour the melted chocolate mixture onto a dish or baking sheet coated with wax paper and top with chopped nuts or your favorite bark toppings.

Distribute the toppings equally on top of the melted chocolate. Refrigerate the bark in the fridge before breaking it up with a knife to eat or share.

I bought a set of baking sheets for myself, and they work well! On Amazon, you can get this Nonstick Cookie Sheet Set! I just discovered the Ideal Nonstick Cookie Sheets *By the way, if you’re searching for some new cookie sheets for your kitchen,

Make Candy Bars.

Making your own candy bars is a great way to reuse melted chocolate! Fill several candy bar molds halfway with melted chocolate. Here comes the exciting part! To build a one-of-a-kind candy bar, combine any of your favorite flavorings.

Personally, I microwave some peanut butter and pour it into the mold with crushed peanuts for a fantastic chocolate-and-peanut butter combination!

You may add anything you like, such as crushed pretzels, marshmallows, or crushed coffee beans.

When you’ve put everything to the candy bar molds, store them in the refrigerator for an hour or two to firm up.

On Amazon, I just discovered this 80-Cavity Square Candy Silicone Molds. This candy mold is ideal for hardening leftover melted chocolate and yields 80 potential chocolate chocolates.

17. Prepare Smores

The delectable heated marshmallows that are put over a piece of chocolate that melts into a gooey masterpiece make Smores a thrilling treat to enjoy. Use a lump of solid chocolate for melted chocolate to avoid using fire and save on sticky clean-ups!

  • Add a thin layer of melted chocolate onto two graham crackers
  • Add a marshmallow onto one of the graham crackers and top with the other graham cracker

You may have your smores straight immediately, but if you like a lightly toasted marshmallow, take a wooden skewer and delicately roast a marshmallow over a low setting on your stovetop.

Create Chocolate Lace

Chocolate lace is a lovely garnish for any dish. Its name comes from its lace-like appearance.

To begin, place the tempered melted chocolate in a freezer bag and make a small hole in one corner. Push the chocolate to the corner and pour various patterns of chocolate lace out.

Let the chocolate to harden in the refrigerator before adding it to different recipes as a delightful adornment.

To accomplish this correctly, I pour molten chocolate into a piping bag and squeeze patterns onto my products. I have discovered a fantastic Piping Bag With Decorative Tips that is ideal for this. You can find it on Amazon!

19 Creating Chocolate-Covered Bacon

In the culinary world, sweet and salty is an unmistakable marriage. Chocolate-covered bacon is a fantastic dessert or brunch option! This is a quick and easy way to use up any extra melted chocolate.

Begin by cooking your bacon as usual. Pour melted chocolate over cooked bacon, either directly or sprinkling a tiny bit.

This is surprisingly tasty. I occasionally add chocolate to heated syrup and drizzle it over the bacon.

I realize this isn’t your standard dessert, but you should do your best with what you’ve got. Apart from that, this flavorful snack is wonderful!

20. Create Fudge

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine sweetened condensed milk and butter. Turn off the fire and add your previously melted chocolate, stirring constantly until well combined.

Scoop or spoon the mixture into a baking dish and place it in the refrigerator to set. After completely cooled and firm, cut it into squares.

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In conclusion

There are many innovative things you can do with melted chocolate that may alter your mind about melted chocolate leftovers! I hope I’ve given you a lot of fresh ideas to try out on your own. Enjoy!